4 Practical Ways To Slow Down the Holidays

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4 Practical ways to slow down the Holidays

As I’ve been asking all the Mama’s how they are doing this holiday season, one word seemed to be the only answer everyone could find; BUSY.

You know busy is a good problem to have but it can get in the way of really enjoying this season. It seems like things slide together toward the end of the year. You finally get into the rhythm of school and then there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, then Christmas. Ok, so maybe y’all don’t celebrate my birthday, but it’s still there and I for one love that day. 😊

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be purposeful during this important season and here are the four practical ways you can slow this season down.

  1. Make an honest list of what is a NEED and what is a WANT.

So often we Mama’s can mix up the two. Do you need to volunteer at each child’s classroom? No, you don’t, you can take turns you can send a note in their lunch bag. Try to look at the lists like you were a stranger. I guarantee that if someone else were to look at your holiday schedule, they would be able to pick out what is just not worth the stress and what doesn’t need to be done. My husband is great at this. Though I don’t always agree with him on every suggestion, there are loads of times I know he is speaking the truth.


So please be truthful with yourself make a real list of what you need to do and what you want to do.


  1. Make sure you’re honest with yourself and everyone around you. If someone in your mom’s group asks you to arrange a playdate and you could, but the stress of that might make yet another gray hair, let them Say, “I would love to, but I just can’t this month. I would gladly arrange January’s though.”

People will understand, maybe not everyone will like it when you say no, but ultimately they will understand. Be truthful and upfront with your capabilities.


  1. Get out your planner.

User your planner, whether it’s a paper planner like at Living Well Spending Less or a calendar on your phone. Don’t commit to anything unless you look at your calendar and see if it’s feasible. You need to take into account prep-time for whatever the commitment is also.

If you were asked to bring Gluten free dairy free cookies in on Wednesday but you see that Tuesday night is a dance recital, and you’re booked all day don’t commit just because you don’t have anything on Wednesday.

Look at that planner! It saves my life regularly. I use the paper planner, but I also put everything on my phone’s calendar because my husband and I share it. This way I know if he has plans or if he has to work late, and he can see if I need him home on a particular night. My kids can put things on their devices too, and I can see if there are any conflicts. It’s a wonder of modern technology.


  1. Schedule your quiet time in. Make it a priority. If you’ve left no devotional time in this busy season, make sure you do it. During this season it’s so important for you to remember the reason for it all. I find that if I haven’t given myself time to talk to God I tend to be a little snippy. No one likes that part of me.


I’ve heard this said in different ways; if you show me your calendar, I can see your priorities. Make sure your priorities are being reflected. Basically, if you are not enjoying your holidays, you are doing it wrong. This is a season of joy for a reason, as it is a time to remember that the God of the universe came down to earth as a man, to save each of us. If you take the time in the busiest, most stressful part of your day to think about this, I promise you will find joy and peace.

Remember, No one is perfect, and no mom is perfect. Now take back your season.


A Jesus loving wife and mother of five.

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