5 Things Moms Have to do When Their Sick


Mommy gets sick too

So today I’d like to share grace with all of you.

You too are allowed to get sick.

You are allowed to rest.

I don’t know why that’s a hard message for some Moms but it is.

I caught two different sicknesses that were working their way through my house at once. Which resulted in me being the sickest in the family. Thankfully none of my kids got anything bigger than a cold. Myself, however, I had; a fever, horrible headache, and nauseousness. I felt like a whiny baby. I had guilt about not doing everything because no one else had had to take a day off of school or work so I shouldn’t have to either. I need to just woman up and get moving.

Reality check – I’m human. Yes, you’re human too. Sorry to break it to you, but we are not Wonder Women. I mean sure we might play her on a regular basis, but when rubber hits the road, we may need some downtime.

It’s ok, really it is, taking a little time to rest and get better so you can take care of your little’s later is nothing shameful. Don’t feel guilty not entertaining them or taking them to that weeks’ activities.

Yes, as a Mom you will still have to do certain things for your family to live. However, you can definitely cancel all activities and schedule some downtime. You need to heal and feel better so you don’t get worse.

Take some grace, give yourself some grace and a break so that you can come back into “mommy mode” full steam ahead.

The Five things that Moms Need to do when their sick.

1- Get out of bed

2- Feed the kids

3- Change diapers

4- Lock everyone with you in the living room and turn on the kids favorite show

5- Give your self some grace

6- Bonus~ If your own Mom is an option – Call Her!


A Jesus loving wife and mother of five.

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