Another Day in Motherhood

Day 3,815 of being a mom, or something like that, man how some days just drag. Friday I had to run to the school twice to bring clothes to my kids for accidents. I missed my oldest daughters call from college. I had to bring two kids to a routine doctor appointment. I had to do three loads of laundry and clean my entire downstairs.

It was all so, not fun. It was a “typical” day for us. It was not stuff I wanted to do. I wanted to watch a Hallmark movie and sit down on the couch before the kids came home. That didn’t even come close to happening. Most days the only time I get to sit is if I’m writing or driving.

It’s not a glorious job. I don’t think you go into Motherhood thinking diapers and laundry are going to be glorious, no. We think of our kid’s cute little faces and doing crafts. Then when our real kids come, we realize somedays keeping them alive are way more important than crafts but thank God their cute.

Am I right? You know I am.

Raising the next generation is hard work. Sometimes we just want to cuddle with our kids and love on them, but then they wouldn’t learn anything. The biggest part of our jobs is to teach our kids. Loving them typically comes naturally, and because we love them, we need to teach them. Everything. School is great, whether its homeschool, public, or private, schooling only goes so far. We have to teach kids everything from potty training to how to cook dinner and take care of a house.

These are not always fun things to teach or to learn. It’s much harder to clean when you have to take time to teach a little one, but they need to know so that someday they can take care of themselves and their own family.

It’s a thankless job. Teaching kids right from wrong, teaching them hygiene, teaching them that having water run over their body without soap doesn’t count as a shower. It just doesn’t end. It does get better though and then we have new things to teach them.

Have you ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day?” It a funny movie where the man wakes up to the same day over and over and over again. I may be aging myself here. Anyway, this movie reminds me of Motherhood, we have to do the same things over and over and over and over and over again.

My point in all of this repetitive groundhog day examples is that, it’s worth it. We don’t want our kids to not know how to work. In 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” Can we say harsh? When I read this verse I worry about a couple of my kids living in a van down by the river. Then I take a deep breath and get back to the grindstone of knowing that me taking the time now to teach them will Hopefully, prayerfully keep them from the van or box whatever the prime real estate by the river is nowadays.

So Mama’s know that when your day feels like a rerun of the day before because you have to repeat yourself “Every piece of laundry I fold I do it for the Lord.”

Yes, I’m not even joking in Colossians 3:23 it says “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men.” Some days during really bad diapers I have had to recite this to myself to remind myself that this work may not be fun, but it’s for God, He asked me to raise these humans, and  I need to try to do it without grumbling.


A Jesus loving wife and mother of five.

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