Fall Break With a Little Grace

James 4:6

So last week was “Fall Break” for us. Which is code for “Mama is going to be locked in the house with crazy children for five days.” A good time is had by all, and by all I mean my husband who gets to chuckle when he hears all the wonderful stories of what his kids are doing during the day.

Good times, you know, when the military made me a stay-at-home mom over a decade ago I had no idea really how much work I had in-store for me. Now I try to remind myself that I want to be with my kids, or at least I don’t wish them upon anybody else.

So I’m writing from a rough place today, can you tell? I do love my kids, and I know one day I will miss all of this mess. Right now however, I’m stealing a moment to write in the middle of catastrophes.

A week with my kids and no place to go but doctor appointments always leaves me with good material to write about. Writing has become my therapy since I don’t have time nor money for actual help ~haha.

Anyway, so lets give you a story so you can find out what it means to give someone else grace. What do I mean by that? Well I mean that the grace that God gives you in whatever you have not done perfectly, you can extend that grace to me.

So one morning, I say one morning but it could be every morning, we will go with one morning today though. One morning, Nico my youngest (who is 5) woke up in a bad mood. Now Nico has Autism and a mild case of cerebral palsy, he is not potty trained yet, can’t do any self care things like dress himself and he is non-verbal. Non-verbal doesn’t mean quiet though, it means he just cant talk to communicate. He makes plenty of noises, most of all yelling. He definitely knows how to let people know when he is unhappy.

Fall break has made Nico unhappy to have a break from routine. So back to my story, Nico is unhappy, he is screaming, I forgot to charge his IPad which he wants badly! I was so mad at myself for not charging that thing. Well finally I couldn’t take the screaming and neither could the other kids. So I sent him to his room, it’s the only “Nico proof” room so he can calm down without hurting himself.

I have a baby camera in there so I can see how he’s doing and make sure he’s ok. So I check the camera because he had been quite, so either he was sleeping or in trouble. It was the latter, maybe he wasn’t in total trouble but it wasn’t good.
The boy who can’t put his own shirt on had managed to take the mattress off his brothers bed and make a slide out of it. Yes he had slid part of the mattress off the bed and was body sliding down it like he was some sort of daredevil.

Now, not running into this problem with my four other kids I really wasn’t sure what to do. Part of me wanted to let him keep doing it because it seemed like he was having a lot of fun and it didn’t seem too dangerous. So I did, I let him continue to slide down the mattress.I knew it wouldn’t last long. I also knew I would have a mess to clean but I chose peace in that moment.

Letting my kid tear apart his brothers bed so that I could have a couple minutes of peace will never win me the mother of the year award. Most days I’m just looking to get out alive, I don’t need an award. I would like a glass of wine and to sit down but I definitely don’t need an award.

This is where the grace part comes in. Some of you may think everything I did was great and it worked. Others of you are saying how could she put her Autistic child in their room and let him slide. What is she doing over there?

See You haven’t walked in my shoes just as I haven’t walked in yours. Grace is something Jesus has given to all of us if I haven’t cause harm don’t assume it was bad. One persons good idea is another persons bad idea.

Something that I was pretty happy about though is that everyone got their morning chores done and Nico was able to get a little creative with his play!