I Hate Waking Up Early

Kathy just waking up with bed head.


I hate waking up early.
I hate waking up early. I really do. I never considered myself a morning person. All those years in the military and I swore one day I would sleep in again. I told myself that sleep would be in my future.

When I became a stay-at-home mom I thought, well after the baby years I’ll get some sleep. I would wake up grumpy every morning to the cry’s of babies ready for the day. So I would stumble through the kitchen for coffee and start making the kids breakfast while they are all crying or whining that their hungry. I never thought anything could be worse than waking up to a Drill Sergeant, I was wrong, screaming kids are way worse!

Finally a few years back, when I started to accept that I had two special kids that would always need me to take care of them in the morning, I needed to change my attitude. Yes I have three kids that can pour their own cereal and go potty and all of that. But even they need some guidance in the mornings to get out the door for the bus.

So I had to change, yup, I have not given up the thoughts that my kids will understand someday how to wait without breaking down, but I still had to change.

So my kids wake up naturally now at about 7 am, we have to catch the bus at 8:10am. That sounds like a lot of time but it’s not when you’re talking about two kids with ADHD and two non-verbal, non-potty trained kids with Autism. I need every minute.

So what do I do? Depending on my motivation level I have made two different wake up times during the week. One wake up time for the days I workout and a different wake up time for when I don’t. I either wake up at 5am or 5:45am. Yes this not morning person wakes up that early. Why? Because Mamas got stuff to do.

I find that if I’m all ready and I prepare breakfast and anything I can do without the kids, my day is a lot better! Now it’s not a perfect science, but it works wonders. Now I’m the first on to admit that I like to whine about waking up early but it benefits everyone when I’m in a good mood and being proactive to the day instead of reactive to whiny kids.

I want to challenge all you Mama’s to try it for a week. I’m not talking about in the middle of the night like Proverbs 31. Just wake up with enough time to get yourself ready for the day and make breakfast and lunches if you don’t do that the night before. Let me know how it goes. I love hearing your emails.

“She gets up while it is still night:
she provides food for her family
And portions for her female servants.” Proverbs 31:15