10 Places for Socks


10 Places to Look for Socks

10 Places to look for the matches to your socks before you finally throw them out.

Ok, so for me the most dreaded chore is socks. I always held a level of contempt for socks. At any moment I have what feels like a million pairs that are unmatched. There are only seven people who live in this house yet the socks are out of control. I made up a list of places to look before I throw in the towel and throw out the unmatched socks.

10- The other kid’s drawers ok yes even your husbands. I have found that no one in my family will return socks if they find one in their room, that doesn’t belong to them. The strange sock just gets shoved aside.

9- The recycling bin. In my house we have a trash and recycling bin, apparently one of my kids thinks socks are acceptable to recycle. I have one child that can’t stand socks or shoes, pretty sure it’s her that keeps recycling them but I can’t be positive.

8- Your gym bag or School bag. Even if you don’t go to the gym, you may have at one point, packed a gym bag. In that gym bag may just still be a sock, just one lonely sock, that is looking for its mate. I myself have been guilty of this one. As for the school bag, I don’t know why my kids have taken off socks at school but it happens…

7- The Toy Box. If you’re like me and you have your kids pick up their own things, you need to be prepared to find anything but toys in the toy box. From food to clothing to homework, it all seems to end up in the toy box.

6- The dog bed. It seems in my family the only ones that like socks is our dog. Though once she gets a sock you can kiss them goodbye. It’s just gross.

5- In pillowcases. I think my youngest son just likes a fluffy pillow. He will take random socks and shove them into his pillowcase. I don’t know what’s going through his brain or if he is intentionally trying to drive me crazy, anything is possible.

4- The shower. I NOW remind my kids to take their socks off before getting into the shower. I just pray that when they take their socks off in the shower that they still wash their feet with soap. I’m afraid to ask them, some answers aren’t worth knowing.

3- The toilet. This one plays into number four, If your kids forget to take their socks off before they get into the shower they may throw them out of the shower. In which case the toilet is as good a target as any. If I find them there, they get thrown out, but it’s important to look there before they get flushed. Otherwise, you have a whole other mess on your hands.

2- The van/car. Even if you think your kids get in the car and leave the car with the same pair of shoes, that does not mean mid-transit they did not discard their socks. The mind of a child is complex and cannot be fully understood by an adult.

1-The backyard. The backyard is the number one place I find socks. Whether it is in the bat and ball container, the middle of the backyard, the sandbox, the patio, the flower bed, or the trees, socks can be found anywhere. In some children (mine included), the need to free their feet can come on at a moment’s notice. They don’t have time to go inside to take their shoes and socks off, they have to do it mid-play.

2 Thessalonians 3:13

“As for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.”

I don’t know that socks were ever on Paul’s mind when writing this, or if socks were even invented yet. This statement is still timeless and true. Doing laundry is one of the most unending, daunting tasks to some of us, and socks are the worst evil in all the laundry. Even though socks are not directly mentioned in scripture, know that matching them is still doing something good for your family. Maybe having a different outlook on your sock situation will help. So do not “tire of doing what is good” because it is good!