Innocent Leather Seat


Innocent Leather Seat

This is a picture of a seat. My car seat to be exact. There’s a reason I am showing you what seems to be a harmless picture of a car seat. Let me back up a little bit first. This year I did a couple firsts. The first first thing I did was buy a car, well a mini-van if you must know but my options are limited having five kids and a huge dog, anyway this mini-van is the first car I’ve owned that has leather seats. They are amazing! I have never had seat warmers and they are AMAZING! So if your always cold like me you need to somehow get seat warmers y’all it’s just great. We purchased the car back in March and you better believe that yes I used those seat warmers until the average daily temperature reach 75 degrees.

Yes 75 is my ideal temp I like my AC to be on that temp and my world to be that temp. My husband does not agree that 75 is the best temp but that’s for another time, I’m here to talk about this seat and my firsts.

So the second first, this is also the first year since I was a child, that I have worn shorts. We moved down south and it finally reached temperatures that I fell shorts are ok to wear without me freezing. I still don’t love my legs but I digress.

So let me just paint you a picture of the day I was having. It was 90 outside and it was one of the days that I chose to wear shorts. I figure it’s fall, I’m not gonna have too many of these nice hot days left this year. So I wore shorts.
On this day I am cruising around doing all my mom duties and bringing two of my kiddos to speech and physical therapy. I have the windows open but the back AC is on so that the kids don’t get hot. I should add here that I’m driving the two kids that cant talk so I have no idea if they like my widows down or not so we just roll with it. I’m trying my best to ignore Kathy who likes to scream during every car ride. I’m listening to my music and we pull up to the doctors office. As soon as I park the car, Kathy who likes to scream in every car ride punched herself so hard her nose starts bleeding.

I’m thinking oh great do I have enough wipes for this, I know right there I seem heartless but I’m really not, this is a regular occurrence so I’ve learned I just need to roll with it. If I show concern she starts laughing and punching herself harder, and I definitely dont want that. Anyway as I grab the wipes I see her go to rub blood on her brother. At which point I jump out of the car to stop her.

And this is where the shorts and the leather seat come in. Some of you saw this coming because it’s happened to you, some of you still are like “Whats the big deal?”

What’s the big deal? It’s that I thought I was going to die. My legs had stuck to my car seat so that when I jumped out of the seat I left half my skin. If you have ever waxed anything on your body before it was pretty similar only with no warning and no hair, just skin.

In that moment I just wanted to cry. I did scream a yelp, people in the parking lot looked at me and probably thought I was losing my mind. It was so far from pleasant.

Your probably thinking that’s hilarious or I’ve done that but what does this post have to do with Jesus? It doesn’t sound like your acting all “Christianly” right now. Well let me bring it around for you.

I could feel myself getting angry. I was already trying my best to enjoy the day but the unending screams of a child was keeping me from fully enjoying the trip, and now I had just ripped all the skin off my legs. I’ll tell you, when I looked back and saw blood, I could feel the anger in my chest.

I’ve been trying really hard to not start yelling when I get angry. Now I was angry and in pain, not a good combination. You now see where I’m going and it’s true. I had to pray right there, while I was cleaning the back seat and my daughter up. I had to pray to get my anger away and pray that I don’t scream at her because it does neither one of us any good. Truth be told, she actually likes it when I yell at her. I dont want to reinforce this behavior so I’m trying to fight what comes naturally. With Autism you can’t parent with “What comes naturally.”

“Fools give vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.” Proverbs 29:11

How is it that something that was written 2000 years ago is still so pertinent?

I have to say there are somedays I’m still a fool. I’m trying to not get angry at the insanity. It’s a little overwhelming. When I’m listening to my daughter scream for an hour straight because she either can’t have what she wants or I cant figure out what she wants, it gets overwhelming.

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here. There is a lot in this world that gets us upset; from our kids, to politics, to Facebook. It can all get our anger going. The important thing is that we pray about it. Take a deep breath.
When your baby wont stop screaming and you haven’t slept all night, you need to take a breath, separate yourself for a few minutes and try again.

Staying calm is the only way to get out of the situation without being a fool.

And also put a towel down if your wearing shorts on leather seats. That will help you stay calm too. There should really be a warning.


A Jesus loving wife and mother of five.

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