Mondays are a big whining day for most people. Apparently, at my doctor’s office, this is such a big problem they posted a sign! This Monday does seem to be extra rough after having a week off with the kids and eating more turkey than I should have.

My seven-year-old asked if they really had to go back to school, and how long until Christmas break? I had to laugh and said, “Yes you have to go back to school and you have a few weeks until Christmas break.” She was not too happy about this answer. It seems that you’re never too young to be affected by Mondays. Stay strong Mama’s remember one day at a time and caffeine is your friend.  You are tougher than a Monday.

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from their troubles. Psalm 34:17


A Jesus loving wife and mother of five.

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